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About The Block List

Blockchain technology and Digital Assets are in their infancy and many people around the globe are learning about this new technological breakthrough by reading articles and blog posts, engaging in forums, and watching videos.  Those who already are investing, inventing and redefining the technology in this space are an amazing source of information and knowledge of how this works and how it will shape our future.  And we figured, what better than to speak one on one with these individuals, asking them tough questions, diving into their mindset on how they believe Blockchain and digital assets will be the next big transformation in technology.


That is exactly what The Block List is and does.  We feature top players in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and cover subjects from trading, mining, development, smart contracts, ICOs and much more.  We welcome you to our site and to begin watching our video interviews and enjoy the amazing stories and viewpoints of the people we interview.  Feel free to leave questions or comments and we will do our very best to have our guest interviewee or one of our staff respond in a timely manner.

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Who should we feature on The Block List?

Many of our interviewees are referred by our community. Feel free to contact us using the form below.  We are looking for a wide range of topics, so the only criteria we have at this point in time is that the interviewee must have a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology or Digital Assets or has a startup venture involved in this space.

We need more:

* Females
* Individuals from different countries other that United States.